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Kel no ba a AMANGO!!!

Como se especula que Raquelita Calderon se ba de karku y se cambia de canal y ba a canAl 13 es verdad pero de que ba a canal 13 a amango NO ES CIERTO raqulita se ba a una nueva serie JUVENIL que su nombre es ANTONIA Y QUE PRONTO SE DARA A CONOCER EN CANAL 13.Ella misma lo dice en su fotolog.

"si es verda yo me boy de karku i me cambio a canl 13 pero no a amango kuek! yo a los chikos de amnago los encuentro muy bueno pero nuncadejaria a mis six pack por ellos. solo ke ahora me boy a canal 13 a una serie juvenil no infantil como amango ke su nombr no oficial es ANTONIA ahora ya no me ban a ver mas como "Feña" si no como "Antonia". pero no dejare six pack. una cosa es irme de karku pero no de mi grupo six pack..."

A si ke no se preocupen por ke KEL NO BA A AMANGO ¿ok?

pd: la foto ke puse en cruz kiere decir ke kel no entra a amango pero no es de mala onda..

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kel @ 2008-06-18 22:18:49 dijo:
perras culia andan inventando kga a tooa
le voy a sakar la xuxa knxetumare
isidora @ 2008-01-13 20:56:59 dijo:
menosmal mira que estaba asustada a que llegara el mal
talento de la kel.

denis @ 2008-08-29 19:55:47 dijo:
yotanbin me llamodenis
denis @ 2008-08-29 19:55:48 dijo:
yotanbin me llamodenis
denis @ 2008-08-29 19:55:49 dijo:
yotanbin me llamodenis
denis @ 2008-08-29 19:57:32 dijo:
sabes quetu eres muibo bonita

denis chao
coni @ 2008-09-03 21:12:53 dijo:
hola,como estay oye tecuento que soy fanatica de ti y obio
tengo toda tu music en mi computador ,manda saludos a la
coni tu amiga de bulnes y escribe en tu fotolog mi msn
andreça @ 2008-09-22 18:00:41 dijo:
chrystal @ 2009-11-09 01:39:37 dijo:
eres mi idola te amoo
Angels! @ 2010-01-19 17:45:16 dijo:
nis! puro qe la llevas.. eres muy chora xd me encanta tu
personaje de martina en crz & a esa kel qen la soporta
aparte nisiquera hizo ANTONIA... no se de qe se las dá no
es nadie & si está donde está es gracias a su mamá
x_____x vala callampa xd
AppeanoExaree @ 2011-09-28 10:23:10 dijo:
Hello :)
AppeanoExaree @ 2011-10-15 06:20:59 dijo:
Hello :)
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Laborinprb @ 2022-05-27 13:38:21 dijo:
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expecting mothers with genital herpes should be careful but
not overly worried about passing the virus on to the baby.

A charmdate scam mother can infect their baby during
performance, Sometimesfatally. But if a woman had genital
herpes before conceiving a child, Or if they are first
infected early while being pregnant, the way that their baby
will be infected is very low less than 1%. Women with
genital herpes are examined carefully for any symptoms
before pregnancy. If sores or signs that an outbreak is
coming show up in the course of delivery, The baby may be
made by cesarean section (otherwise known as a C section).

the risk of infecting the baby is high (30% in which to 50%)
When a woman is newly infected late while pregnant, but yet.
That's because the mother's defense mechanisms has not
developed protective antibodies against the virus. Women
with an older herpes infection have antibodies resistant to
the virus, Which help protect the baby. If you are pregnant
and think you had been infected recently, Tell a family
doctor right away.

Ways to Avoid Getting Herpes in pregnancy

Women who don't put on genital herpes should be careful
about sex during the third trimester. Unless you know for
sure that your partner is herpes free, Avoid sex altogether
in third trimester. If your significant other gets cold
sores (Oral hsv virus), They should not perform oral sex on
you make your best effort.

Some doctors think all women should be tested for herpes
when they conceive, in particular when their sex partners
have herpes. Ask your doctor if you or your sweet heart
should be tested.

Genital Herpes Treatment in pregnancy

Women taking antiviral drugs for herpes either daily
suppressive therapy or occasional therapy for outbreaks
should consult their doctor about whether to take the drugs
while pregnant. The answer is not guaranteed: You and your
doctor have to discuss the risks and benefits to decide
what's good for you.

For women that are pregnant with a history of genital
herpes, a chiropractor might recommend daily doses of an
antiviral medication during the month before their due

Herpes condition in a newborn is also serious. do not allow
anyone with a cold sore on the mouth to kiss the baby. in
the event you a cold sore, Don't kiss the actual, And wash
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Latest news on other competitive sports from Derbyshire

AdvertorialDerbyshire aim high with Mickey Arthur
appointmentDerbyshire CCCDetails about the new head of
cricket for the county and our man Mark Eklid's take on the
problem.Tyson Fury calls Deontay Wilder 'weak' as row erupts
at press conferenceThe American repeated his assertion that
Fury had only prevailed in their second fight because of
underhanded tacticsElla lands Schools Champs 'triple crown'
to top off seasonAthleticsFirst GB vest another highlight
for Derbyshire's rising star of combined eventsThird title
has to wait as Sandiacre outplayed by BathCricketVictims in
2003 ECB National Club Championship take belated revenge
with fine performance despite McNeill effortJordison targets
unique hat trick as Sandiacre head for national
finalCricketHe's been in the first team 25 years and they
are National Club Champions twice in that timeDerbyshire at
another crossroads as Houghton steps downDerbyshire
CCCSearch for successor begins as hugely disappointing
season leads to head of cricket's resignationDiseworth
double medalist Emma Wiggs uncertain of Paralympic future
after TokyoParalympic gamesThe 41 year old claimed two
medals in 24 hours but finished behind compatriot Charlotte
HenshawDiseworth's Emma Wiggs adds emotional gold medal to
collection and opens up on injury hellParalympic gamesThe
eight time world champion won gold in the women's 200m Va'a
single before she defends her KL2 paracanoe
title.Chesterfield's Jack Shephard crashes out of
Paralympics despite winning final tennis gameParalympic
gamesThe 24 year old beat Hong Kong's Chu Man Kai 21 asiame
review 11 22 24 21 10 but after losing the battle of the
Brits earlier in the week to Krysten Coombs, Jack Shephard
came third during his group on differential.Derby born
cyclist Benjamin Watson takes Tokyo Paralympics by storm
four years after joining British teamParalympic gamesWith a
gold medal in both the men's time trial and road race Watson
leaves Tokyo 2020 a double Paralympic championDerby's Ben
Watson makes shock cycling thought after going from desk job
to Paralympic champion in TokyoParalympic gamesWatson, 32,
Bounced back from a chilling 60kmh crash in June to soar to
glory in the C3 time trialOutpouring of respect after death
of athletics stalwart Alan DomleoAthleticsRunner and long
time volunteer was a quiet man without ego but a steely
competitor when he was racingMatlock 'murderball' star Ryan
Cowling dazzles in defence as GB win historic wheelchair
rugby gold in TokyoParalympic gamesThe Brits held their
nerve for a stunning 54 49 victoryDerby's Dave Ellis suffers
broken bike chain at Tokyo 2020 and endures long awaited
Paralympic return to forgetParalympic games.
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Savvy student couple save thousands living in van to dodge
expensive university or rent

A couple have saved a lot of money in living expenses by
kitting out a van with a toilet, A hob and a double bed in a
bid to avoid paying out on expensive student apartment.

Daniel Dayment, 22, you spend 10,000 on the van conversion
after saving up money at university from odd jobs including
freelance photos, detox, and working in a bike shop, As well
as saving part of his student loan.

Daniel, A third year photographs student, And his
significant other, betty Cullen, 23, Who are in Totnes,
Devon, Spent three months converting the 2007 Citroen Relay
van as a lockdown project over the summer of 2021.

Living in a van enablesthem to save more than 5,000 on rent
and utility bills each year.

"I saved up the compensation to convert a van, As I didn
want to pay the high rent of students flat for a year.

"It would have cost me 5000 alone just to live in student
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"Having a converted van generally future financial asset to
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mary, A freelance graphic designer, built in: "before I met
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"I miss using a toaster, As we have to fry our toast, But I
have really come to enjoy van life and when living on the
highway, You come to realise you don need the same
electrical appliances most property owners can go without,

The Plymouth College of Art student first acquired his van
for 5,000 for March 2021, And spent one more 5,000 on
refurbishments, Including a 1000 environmentally friendly
solar electrical system.

The van boasts a hob to cook on, Storage for garments and
food, A fertilizer toilet, A kitchen counter and even a
double bed to make for a cosy home on wheels.

Daniel discussed: "The batteries and solar electrical system
were probably the priciest part of the renovation, But it
was worth the money as it was the expense of what someone
would spend a year on their electrical bills.

"To luminescence the van, I got some fairy lights and LED
lights so that it will look homely, these folks were 20 and
really light up the small space.

"I squeezed a second hand Welsh dresser for 50 that I broke
down and converted into the kitchen counter where I store
the pots and pans.

"I also created a compost toilet for 50 from scrap
components of wood, A bucket, And partitioning for solids
and liquids.

"It may appear weird, But the toilet is my favourite part of
the renovation.

"I use a avocado peat, And a vinegar means to fix neutralise
the smells and as it compostable, It all very good for the

"one the most luxury items in the van is the 50l camper
fridge that cost 400, It usually cool enough to hold ice
cream which is a nice treat,

Daniel used scrap wood to create the bed with room for
storage beneath, As well as adding a food cupboard and
chnlove.com hooks for to the inside of the van for coffee

Everything inside the van is multipurpose, With seating
adding a storage box and the compostable toilet.

Despite enjoying the simplicities of van life, The couple
have had to make a series of compromises in order to live

Mary considered: "the two of us kind of miss hot running
water, So we should shower at campsites and use laundrettes
when travelling.

"I a infamous clothes hoarder, So when I moved in to the van
with Daniel, I had to cull several things, Only to take in I
never really needed them anyway.

Daniel persistent: "Van life is all about improvising and
doing things that may not be regarded as the norm.

"Van life allows you to be as low impact and eco friendly as
possible whilst capability travel as much as you like,

The couple have plans to traverse Europe once most Covid 19
restrictions are lifted and Daniel finishes university.
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