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happy christmas

traduccion:yo puedo ser tu campanilla tu puedes ser mi peter pan y juntos volar acia el pais de nunca jamas(mas o menos asi)

me encanta la fotito^^
weno pos nada FELIZ NAVIDAD!!
y weno cpa mña tamb FELIZ AÑO NUEVO!!!jeje k la paseis mu bnn y no os atrganteis con las uvas ehh jeje:P

k ace mil años k no actualizoo jeje
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Davinia @ 2007-12-30 15:37:21 dijo:
pos na nena k sta mu xulo cmo as puesto tu flog m encanta^^

k sepas k te xero muxo y eres mi hermana postizaxd

k feliz navidad!!!

y ya mañana cmo tu dices a partir d las 12 es año

Feliz Año Nuevo!!!

xaitooooo wapaaaaa

io @ 2008-01-18 19:13:07 dijo:
sabias que..
cuando soñas con la persona que te gusta, esa persona se
durmio pensando en ti ..?

•sabias que..

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•sabias que..

cuando te mira de re ojos te quiere mas de lo que vos
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•sabias que..

cuando te mira de frente te ama ..?

•sabias que..

cuando te mira mucho no puede vivir sin ti ..?

•sabias que..

si se despide despacio es por que no te quiere dejar ir ..?


con el nombre de la persona que amas

y esa persona te demostrara que tmb te ama











si copias esto en

5 fotologs: tu deseo se cumple de 1 año

10 fotologs: tu deseo en 5 dias
10-15 fotologs: tu deseo se cumple mañana!

luego aprieta

F9...aparecerá en tu pantalla la letra inicial del chico
de la chica que te ama
uckercita @ 2008-01-27 16:23:52 dijo:
jajaja ola bb
no pasa nada
si yo tampoko me puedo pasar muxo :S
qe linda la pic
wowow jajaja
ves sqe to el rato con prisas ¬¬'
ueno bye te amo si?
100Besitos de xOcolatt
camila_1 @ 2008-02-06 06:24:42 dijo:
jeje ya muy xulaa
pos na
aki pasando un rato
buenoo xica spero k tes bien


pasat x mi floguer

FEA-PERO-WAPA @ 2008-02-09 17:44:21 dijo:
sabias que..
cuando soñas con la persona que te gusta, esa persona se
durmio pensando en ti ..?

•sabias que..

cuando se te escapa el nombre de esa persona que amas o de
quien sea, esa persona ta pensando en ti ..?

•sabias que..
cuando un chico/a te baja la mirada esa persona esta loca
por ti ..?

•sabias que..

cuando te toca el pelo esa persona también esta loca por

•sabias que..

cuando te mira de re ojos te quiere mas de lo que vos
piensas ..?

•sabias que..

cuando te mira de frente te ama ..?

•sabias que..

cuando te mira mucho no puede vivir sin ti ..?

•sabias que..

si se despide despacio es por que no te quiere dejar ir ..?


con el nombre de la persona que amas

y esa persona te demostrara que tmb te ama











si copias esto en

5 fotologs: tu deseo se cumple de 1 año

10 fotologs: tu deseo en 5 dias
10-15 fotologs: tu deseo se cumple mañana!
princesita_25 @ 2008-02-10 16:20:42 dijo:
hola com oandas espero que bien
bueno esta re buena la foto eh igual q el pic
bueno te dejo besos
y espero que te pases prom i lfog

te agrewgue a ff

____$$$$$$$$$$$$___ ._____.___$$$$$$$$$$$$
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iluminame_83 @ 2008-03-14 12:57:47 dijo:
hola bebé! estoy agotada jaja andamos en Newark hoy
actuamos ahí.
Espero que todo te valla bien, se lo merecen todo.
te mando miles de besos y abrazos.

it closes the eyes. . . begins to dream!

Ustedes me iluminan día a día con su luz, que no se
les apague nunca chavos, y recuerden siempre, la segunda
estrella a la derecha directo hasta el amanecer, ahí nos

¡¡I am always going to believe!!

teamosoloati_33 @ 2008-05-01 20:06:15 dijo:
chida tu pick y tu fotolog

pon una tuya

ok eso es todo


pasese por el mio
matias95manuel @ 2008-07-14 17:46:50 dijo:

camila molina @ 2009-08-23 22:54:31 dijo:
wena ta lindo el lok i bonita la foto chau besitos pa
chaamuiiame_1 @ 2009-09-18 17:52:55 dijo:
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te spero por el mio!!

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specially the business journals which are relied on just
merchants to get afflicted with perfect and as well as early
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is possible to discover the should some thing is being
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i tried it once or twice in addition to wasn pleased with
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Saskatchewan Chief Medical police officer Dr. Saqib Shahab
expects hospital numbers to go up over the following few
weeks, he said Friday. (The Canadian Press image consumer)

Saskatchewan chief medical health officer says COVID 19
hospital numbers could go up to as high as 300 to 500 or
more in the next few weeks due to the high Omicron infection

On Friday the province reported 23 people with the infection
under intensive care 15 of them for COVID 19 related
illnesses but Dr. Saqib Shahab said ICU stresses could
increase to 75, 100 or more users.

"Many provinces have seen hospitalizations during the
Omicron wave that are more expensive than what they saw in
previous waves, he said on Friday.

"if this happens, There is no reason why we will never see
that either over the next two or three weeks,

to be able to Shahab, This prediction is
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the Omicron wave and consequently higher case numbers than

Projections are adjusted on a each day, Week by week factor,
he explained.

"acquire the case numbers go, find the projection on
hospitalizations, Said the state chief medical health

that can mean more than 1,500 people in infirmary with COVID
19 in mid February, eliminating ICU patients, according to
the modelling most severe scenario.

"It like a weather report that you simply prepare for the
worst, But that doesn mean that we locked into the worst
case scenario,

In your firm stand out to media on Thursday afternoon, great
Scott Moe said the modelling is "One piece of information
the us government considers,We are placing greater emphasis
on closely tracking actual real time data from across Canada
to inform our COVID 19 response,

As seen some other provinces, When test positivity crashes,
hospitalization numbers might lag one to three weeks behind,
he said.

The province chief medical health officer anticipates that
overall COVID 19 hospital numbers might climb higher in
Saskatchewan than any other time, Maybe just a bit less in
ICUs though, he said.

"I just want to emphasize that actions we take today can
really make a difference one, two, Three weeks into times to
come, stated that Shahab.

The association to display 14,000 health professionals,
Residents and medical students in British Columbia is once
again asking employers to do away with any benchmarks for
sick notes during the COVID 19 pandemic. "Sick notes place
an unnecessary burden on the health care system especially
now during the Omicron surge, claimed Dr. Reports 82 people
in COVID 19 hospital units on friday

Nova Scotia is reporting that you have 82 people in
designated COVID 19 hospital units on Saturday, Including 11
people in intense care. The abbreviated release did not
include concerning the number of people admitted and
discharged from hospital. uncover 287 people in hospital
with COVID 19: 82 hospitalized due to the virus. 84
identified as positive upon arrival, But were admitted yet
another good medical reason, Or were admitted for COVID 19
but no longer require special care. 121.
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Culture and religion

It is a good thing when the person you date, And then
develop a break up with, Helps you make decisions in life
that make you a better person a powerful eyes. more often
than not, It is a bad thing when the person you are forming
a intimate relationship with, Tries to make you a better
person to them, With little or no regard to what you long
for out of life.

Culture and religion can play a big point about this, in
particular when your date has strong beliefs or tendancies
along either of these lines. The reason why culture and
religion can play a big part in the reason being is the
rules of both tend to be strict (To ranging degrees) With a
minimum of room for compromise.

Removing the space for compromise is always counter
productive in the development of a relationship. Compromise
and understanding will always be two of the top requirements
in the introduction of any successful relationship.

But then again, We are not saying religious or cultural
beliefs in you or a possible partner are bad, Or favourable.
In fact we are not even saying they will inhibit or help the
roll-out of your relationship. very much, We assert, based
on the people involved, spyware can do either.

as an example, clothes asian, And/or deeply picked up
developing as a person with the ideals of asian culture, it
is probably a very good idea to develop a relationship with
a like minded person. We have listed a number of top Asian
Dating Sites here if you are interested in find and date
such people:

yet still, If you are not particularly taking into
consideration asian people or culture, It could be difficult
to develop such a relationship without experience or
compromise, So we would recommend not using these internet

in a similar fashion with religion, A devout person of
Christian or Jewish faith could be a greater person having a
partner of similar faith, Helping and supporting them from
matters of conscience particular to those religions. Similar
beliefs in matters of sexuality also help in setting
boundaries in the early stages of relationships in these
cases. This is why religious internet dating also exist,
Here is our review of some Christian dating sites and some
Jewish these dating sites.

on one hand, Forming a human relationship with religious
people, Without having any comprehension their faith is
always going to bring unique challenges not experienced in
other relationships.

It is important to comprehend that what we have said in this
article is not a set of rules, Rather some food for thought
of. Many inter religion and inter cultural relationships
exist and form
url] regularly and are completely successful. These
relationships are successful due to understanding and
compromise the partners have of and in the same room, as
with every other relationship.
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Every tradition has its own thought of what makes somebody
enticing, and this is not any different. Certainly, Russian
culture places unimaginable stress on girls to tie the knot
and have children at a younger age. Barasti is frequented by
a big woman of Russian talking women. The city is pretty
giant with numerous venues to explore. If you do not
converse Russian, it is healthier to go solely to a large
city within the country because it will be difficult without
English in other cities. Initially, if you wish to take your
romance additional afield then you might be better off
signing up to one of many one hundred free Russian dating
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consider-it’s more likely to work higher for someone
looking for a serious relationship with one of many Russian
women quite than for somebody trying for an informal
relationship. Nonetheless, there are some diamonds within
the girls right here if you're patient. They will also adopt
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You best at accessing what number of nationalities of women
is to use an inert national relationship women that will put
you in touch with many ethnicities.

There are various Russian dating websites which supply free
enroll, nevertheless these web sites will not be pretty much
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Russian women for a serious relationship. If there may be
one thing that's all the time mentioned about ladies in
Russia, it’s that they always
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It's value a glance on ladies night. Colombian Cupid
Emirates: Worth Each Peso? Although this figure has modified
through the years, there have at all times been extra
Russian women with higher education than men.

Only a two-minute stroll from Stables, United is a back-up
to Stables in girls it's lifeless. All Russian women are
always younger. Women are typically known to be extremely
loyal and considerate in the direction of their companions.
Serbian Ladies - Beauty within the Balkans. One in every of
the main the reason why you must meet a Russian lady for
marriage is their distinctive magnificence. This is a good
place to satisfy stunning backpacker ladies, as the price of
drinks are low-cost. As a result of this, they are
additionally highly houseproud. When you've got a pal close
to you messaging new people and studying profiles, it can
result in the whole expertise so rather more fun. In this
text, we've supplied you with a blueprint to mastering Dubai
relationship through an exhaustive girl of the gorgeous
evening venues to satisfy girls. As an example, statistics
present that in 2018, the typical age of mothers at
childbirth in Russia was 28.7 years; an increase of 3.9
years since 1995. Regardless of this transformation, though,
you will battle with most Russian women to keep up a
critical long-term relationship with out getting married and
discussing kids. In actual fact, in response to Rosstat
knowledge, the common woman in Russia gets married eight
years later than she did a decade ago.

Nowadays, the majority get married between the ages of 25
and 34; whereas eight years ago the most typical age bracket
was 18 to 24. This information additionally signifies a
gentle development of Russian women who get married after
the age of 35. Some of the explanations for this rising
pattern are thought to incorporate education,
profession-building, unemployment, and a lack of people
owning their very own houses. The family unit is
extraordinarily vital to folks in Russia and girls, in
particular, worth their parents’ opinions. This may
be arduous to swallow as an expat; notably if you're a woman
shifting to Russia from a more progressive nation. The crowd
is how stunning and drinks are reasonably priced. Situated
at the Ukrainian Seasons, this venue is an attractive place
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This demand existed long prior to the internet, with
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This indicates that individuals will not need to hang around
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Coventry and Warwickshire identity theft news

Police pull man suspected of dealing heroin and crack
cocaineWarwickshireMiles Campbell, Of no sorted abode, Was
arraigned with several offences after an incident in

12 British fugitives busy in Spain named on police's Most
Wanted listCrimeThe list includes murderers, Drug barons and
arms dealers to the arrestable underworld

Nuneaton man seriously injured an additional
om[/url] Brit killed in brutal Thailand knife

The thug was furnished with a sickle shaped blade

Violence and drugs offences among crimes at Coventry Railway
StationBritish transportation Police

prescription medications, Violence and public order offences
were among the crimes committed at Coventry Railway Station
yr after.

Coventry thug hit shop worker and exposed himself on drunken
rampageCoventryLevi Cox, Of Delius highway, ceramic tile
Hill, Was jailed after admitting a string of offences in

Police footage shows moment suspect caught running from
Coventry cannabis farmCourtsWest Midlands Police raided a
home and found 415 plants

Moment man was shot dead in broad daylight in Manchester
drug war as place fledCrimeCCTV captured the brutal shooting
of Luke Graham, Who was killed in Ashton under Lyme, Near
gatwick, over 2018

Man arrested on suspicion of murder after woman's body found
in CoventryStokeThe body of the 32 year old was discovered
on Thursday evening

located: Coventry murder investigation after woman's body
found at flatCoventryPolice believe she may have been dead
for a few days

Rugby man caught using financial information stolen from
elderly woman's house while she was in hospitalRugbyTerrance
Hannifin stole over 1,000 from the elderly woman's current

Evil Babes in the Wood mindblowing Russell Bishop dies alone
behind barsCrime

Bishop killed Nicola fellows and Karen Hadaway, Both good
old nine

Two men named in court as they are charged over cannabis
farm in former bankLeamington SpaOver 400 plants were found
when cops raided the house in Leamington

Amazon worker uncomfortable to 'assassinate bosses' and
'petrol bomb office'Courts

Abduraham Omar sent a number of violent emails

Reports of man carrying sword sparks police chase with
helicopter and 50k cannabis haulLocal NewsIt started after a
member of the populace saw a man carrying a sword in

Caravan stolen from Derby many years ago found in
StratfordStratford on AvonOfficers seized the vehicle and
informed the rightful owners

Bedworth cocaine dealer jailed after house raidBedworthHe
was one of two people detained and charged

400,000 cannabis raid in Coventry sees police find plants in
all the rooms of houseStokeWest Midlands Police raided a
property and found 415 plants

Two charged over Leamington cannabis farm at former Coventry
Building SocietyLeamington SpaPolice reveal a crane was used
after suspects fled on to the roof

Man in hospital after assumed stabbing in Leamington

The victim suffered arm injuries after he was attacked
neighborhood off Aylesford Street

Romance fraudster who claimed to be a rewarding businessman
conned woman out of 4,000West Midlands PoliceHapless
romantics were already tricked out of 2.8m by cunning con
artists in the western world Midlands, Police have showed.
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There are lots of online dating sites that have a large
number of cultures. You possibly can create an online dating
profile on online dating websites. Online dating also can
pose quite a lot of risks, you are meeting somebody who you
communicate to via a display, and maybe eventually over the
cellphone, but you do not know something about the person
going into the situation, You do not know if they're even
who they are saying they are. Digital therapy is a rising
development, especially among those that haven't got time to
visit a neighborhood counselor. As we retire and our
households move away to begin new adventures, you might
discover you might have extra time in your fingers or want
to broaden your social circle to search out people who share
your pursuits and hobbies or have had related life
experiences that you may relate to. In the case of love,
folks typically suppose that the rich and profitable guys
might never be fascinated about common folks, they only want
to fulfill someone just as successful as them or someone who
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Do you want To search out Out About Criminal Public Data?
While some catfishing incidents resolve on their own with
minimal hurt inflicted, others - like the instance above -
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world where we can get virtually something with a push or a
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network[/url] an online dating site for eleven year olds. If
you may journey to any year in a time machine, what year
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Why do ladies not prefer good guys?

Eastern European ladies are taken with further training and
profession prospects that may not be accessible in their
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New research investigating the influence of hybrid working
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occurs when the conversations that I feel went horribly
mistaken really go well is worse - I must go on an precise
date and meet them in individual - this is a whole new
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10 covers that possibly know better than the originals

anthony Cash Soft Cell Cyndi Lauper Blondie Whitney Houston
Jeff Buckley Jimi Hendrix Joan Jett Aretha Franklin Mark
Ronson Amy Winehouse

original version isn't always the best.

how many times in your life have you found yourself
listening to a song that you think you know inside out, only
to find out that that's not even the original version? We're
guessing at least once; indeed, it happens to us all. more
routine when it's a cover of a cover. Here are ten iconic
songs that gained more popularity as a cover than as an

anthony Cash at Glastonbury 1994 / Photo Credit: Empics
Entertainment/PA illustration

impure Love Soft Cell

first: Gloria Jones

Other memorable covers: Marilyn Manson

There has to be a lot of folks who are still unaware that
Tainted Love, inside the album Non Stop Erotic Cabaret, Is
not in fact a Soft Cell pioneering. The new wave duo took a
liking to a 60s Northern soul number originally recorded by
Gloria Jones, And their cover became their first in support
of number one hit, Propelling them to you can also use
stardom. It still remains an iconic 80s floorfiller.

Hurt ashton Cash

exceptional: Nine Inch screws

Other notable covers: Mumford daughters

It may sound like the most unusual pairing of all; An
conventional rock number being re recorded by a country
legend; But the man in Black has always had something of an
edge to him. This rendition of the Grammy nominated song
from Nine Inch Nails'
[url=https://www.youtube.com/charmdate]charmdate scam[/url]
1994 second album The going downhill came in 2002, as one of
Johnny Cash's final big hits before his death. It listed on
his iconic album American IV: The Man arrives, Along with
other extraordinary covers.

All under the Watchtower Jimi Hendrix

actual: kevin Dylan

Other prominent covers: Devlin feet. education Sheeran, Neil
less mature, U2

Probably significant famous things about this track is
Hendrix's distinctive guitar riff, Which renders the 1967
Bob Dylan original pretty unrecognisable as a song. It will
have to be said, The guitarist's rendition from his Electric
Ladyland album in 1968 is a hundred times as good as
Dylan's, And no one's matched it since.

i'm keen on Rock 'n' Roll Joan Jett the Blackhearts

initial: some Arrows

Other distinctive covers: Britney warrior spears

invariably the most recognisable song from Joan Jett the
Blackhearts' back catalogue, The song topped charts for
seven weeks in 1982 gaining far more popularity than The
Arrows' 1975 version. truthfully, You're unlikely to hear
many singing considering the original pronouns, particularly
with the popularity of Britney Spears' 2001 cover for the
movie Crossroads.

Hallelujah jason Buckley

exceptional: Leonard Cohen

Other important covers: diane Cale, Rufus Wainwright,
Alexandra Burke

While it's probably fairly well known that Leonard Cohen was
the original maestro behind this soaring ballad, Most of us
are probably more familiar with the alternative final two
verses written by John Cale, Which added a slightly more
secular edge to the track. Jeff Buckley's rendition of John
Cale's re write is still probably the best version out
there, But Rufus Wainwright brought it back for enthusiasts
Shrek soundtrack in 2001, And Alexandra Burke made Christmas
number one with the song in 2008 appropriate her X Factor

adhere to Aretha Franklin

innovative: Otis Redding

Other crucial covers: Diana Ross the Supremes with the lure

This is a huge feminist anthem and signature song from the
iconic Aretha Franklin, But as hard hitting as it is, It was
in the first place recorded by Otis Redding as a plea for
respect from his woman. Aretha's version also includes the
"R E S P E C s" Chorus together with the "Sock it to me,
control yourself, Which is arguably what makes it such an
infectious tune.



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